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डॉनभोर, सवेरा, आरंभ, प्रभात, प्रकाश, उषा, झलक, तड़का, अस्र्णोदय, झुटपुटा, शुरूप्रकट होना, सुबह होना, पौ फटना, दिन चढ़ाना, शुरू होना, आरंभ होना, जागना, जाग उठना, जागृत होना, खुलना, साफ़ हो जाना
Dawn :
- भोरलगाdawningआती हैभोर के पहले का

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Noun(1) the first light of day(2) the earliest period(3) an opening time period
Verb(1) become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions(2) appear or develop(3) become light

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(1) It was so beautiful, like the first light of a dawn in another world.(2) Historically, this period is the dawn of economic modernism and social modernity, especially in the hinterlands.(3) Much of this has yet to dawn on Labour's backbenches and few would understand it even if spelled out for them.(4) And then the dawn 's early light suddenly appears to Ginger, clearing all those confusing dark clouds away.(5) Alucius was silent, watching the realization of what must have happened dawn on the boy.(6) he set off at dawn(7) The beginning of the 21st century is also the dawn of the first global society of states.(8) At dawn 's first light they reached the wrought iron gates of the palace, strangely ajar.(9) Nickel has been used in alloys that date back to the dawn of civilization.(10) She woke up at the first light of the dawn and crept out to the study.(11) From the dawn of human civilization, super-powers have had to do all sorts of dirty things.(12) The rundown colonial port buildings house tailors, coppersmiths and fishermen, who rise with the dawn and retire with the sun, for there's little electricity here.(13) She pushed the horse faster, but didn't sit up until the first light of dawn rose over the horizon.(14) That revolutionary dawn proved less than auspicious after many Frenchmen died under the blade of the guillotine.(15) Realization seemed to dawn on Kaya's face after that sentence.(16) If we are correct, the Late Devonian wood problem was an almost inevitable result of evolutionary developments at the dawn of life.
Related Words
(1) break of dawn ::
भोर का तोड़
1. daybreak ::
2. beginning ::
3. aurora ::
4. morning ::
5. begin ::
6. occur to ::
इसके कारण
7. sink in ::
सिंक में
1. cease ::
2. end ::
3. stop ::
Different Forms
dawn, dawned, dawning, dawns, predawn
English to Hindi Dictionary: dawn

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