English to Hindi Meaning :: corpulent

चर्बीयुक्त, स्थूल, मोटा, मांसल
Corpulent :
- चर्बीयुक्त

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Adjective(1) excessively fat

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(1) His corpulent figure and indolent manner belied ambition and a keen political intelligence.(2) The opposite - i.e. a short delicate man and a tall corpulent woman - is unbearable both for the couple and for others, because it is banned by the internal images and needs of middle-class society.(3) She blinked in surprise as a corpulent man sat down next to her and settled in.(4) There he is on the front cover - a corpulent fellow with pink cheeks and a long, grey wig, staring out at us with a hint of arrogance: Samuel Pepys, the great diarist.(5) Evelyn was corpulent , thick-set, grotesquely charismatic; Laila was flame-haired, wide-eyed, honey-voiced.(6) I assumed Troy was referring to the corpulent kid.(7) Upon reaching a corridor she stopped as three policemen escorting a repulsive, corpulent man in handcuffs to an interrogation room passed by in front of her.(8) A corpulent figure was silhouetted in the doorway leading to the sitting room, balancing an enameled snuff-box on his palm.(9) For Asia's health officials and increasingly corpulent citizens, the real race is to stay out of wheelchairs altogether.(10) Their grief was really for their own lost youth, seeing in Presley's corpulent and decadent collapse a mirror image of their own sad journey from optimism to Jimmy Carter.(11) The image of corpulent couch potatoes munching deep pan pepperoni and chilli while ogling a television screen for six hours was hard to expel from your mind.(12) The corpulent lawyer chortled at this formality.(13) Shannon Oliviera was a rather corpulent woman and she was proud of it.(14) I queued up in line, next to a rather corpulent farmer's wife.(15) And then there was Orson Welles Square, a memorial to the corpulent director who filmed his Cannes-winning Othello here in 1949.(16) She was hovering nervously over a corpulent man in army dress who was stuffing himself with canapÔö£┬«s.
1. fat ::
2. obese ::
3. overweight ::
अधिक वजन
4. plump ::
5. portly ::
6. stout ::
7. chubby ::
8. paunchy ::
बड़े पेटवाला
9. beer-bellied ::
बियर पेट वाले
10. heavy ::
11. bulky ::
12. chunky ::
13. well-upholstered ::
अच्छी तरह से असबाबवाला
15. well covered ::
अच्छी तरह से कवर किया
16. meaty ::
17. fleshy ::
18. rotund ::
19. broad in the beam ::
बीम में व्यापक
20. tubby ::
21. pudgy ::
22. beefy ::
23. porky ::
24. roly-poly ::
रोली पाली
25. blubbery ::
26. corn-fed ::
मकई खिलाया
27. abdominous ::
तोंद वाला
1. lean ::
2. slender ::
3. slim ::
4. spare ::
5. thin ::
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