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घुमावदारचक्करदार, घुमाव का
Circuitous :
- चक्करदारcircuitouslycircuitousness

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Adjective(1) marked by obliqueness or indirection in speech or conduct(2) deviating from a straight course

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(1) To reach the Sibneft wells, you have to travel a circuitous route.(2) To send equipment from one important supply depot to the other involved taking an impossibly circuitous route.(3) Adding an extra flight or flying a more circuitous route can boost mileage accumulations rapidly.(4) I came to the knowledge of this site and this specific article by a circuitous route.(5) Traffic was not allowed and commuters had to take circuitous routes.(6) One has to remember that pedestrians do not have the time or stamina for unnecessarily circuitous routes.(7) Walkers follow a circuitous route which leads along the gravel pathway through the centre of the historic Curragh racecourse.(8) And then he came home and wrote about his circuitous journey.(9) He took the most circuitous route through the building, hiding in the shadows and avoiding security cameras.(10) Residents and people who have shops and offices on the road have to take a long circuitous route to reach their place.(11) While commuters have to take a more circuitous route, it eases traffic congestion and flow.(12) I must apologise for the circuitous route that my thoughts have taken this week.(13) A walk through Bootham Park offers a circuitous route into York, keeping well away from the noise and fumes of Gillygate.(14) Afraid of being followed, I take a circuitous route home.(15) Having started out as a ÔÇÿproperÔÇÖ actress, mine was a circuitous route to comedy.(16) It's a long and circuitous journey from start to finish today.
1. roundabout ::
गोल चक्कर
2. indirect ::
3. devious ::
1. direct ::
2. straight ::
3. straightforward ::
Different Forms
circuitous, circuitously, circuitousness
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